The Perfect Girl? Submitted Jan. 13, 2012

This girl I met... She was perfect. She was pretty. She can hold her drink. Had a job and went to school. She didn't fall for the usual 'frat boys' every girl throw themselves at. Then one day she comes to my dorm and tells me to get dressed and that she was tired of waiting for me to ask her out. She was PERFECT and different.
After that first week, she drove me insane. She would be nice and cool one day and completely psychic the next. I couldn't keep up with her. I was emotionally drained. Every time we went out I increased my chances of dying. I always got into accidents and bad things just always followed when she was around. She was a bad luck. Not to mention extremely clumsy. She was so crazy and mental that I began falling for her so hard. I was whipped and it is sad.
I told her that I was in love with her and wanted to be exclusive. She was so excited and happy and went back to being cool and calm. Then she got to study medicine abroad in england. We ended it and she went insane. She called all the times and cried and hit me and tried to kill me a couple of times. When she left I thought I would be happier with out her craziness and psychotic behavior. But I wasn't. I missed her so much and realized that this crazy nut job was the one for me. When she came back I proposed and she said yes. She is still crazy but I love it.
We've been Married for 10 years now and I want to kill myself everyday because she drives me insane. But I know when it comes down to it I can never be with out her.
The sex was amazing by the way :)

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Anonymous said...

you are like me. it's not that you love these girls. you think you do. i thought i did. you are the psycho. , BUT the beauty is you aren't psycho in the way you think. these gals may be complete cunts. i'm assuming they are. i've been with a few. there's a large percentage of girls that have no capability to reason or use logic when making decisions. it's not really their fault as much as it is societies. it's the 'pusalaya' effect; aka pussy on a pedestal. they get treated like godesses their whole life, and so they feel entitled and like they can crap all over men. they have immense issues with pride, and have no concept of reality when it comes to being wrong. anyway, i'm side-tracking and i apologize. you are addicted to sex. deny it all you want. just give in. sex addiction is real. prostitution is illegal. in some places. , BUT it's time to enjoy yourself. once you get this out of your system, you'll have no problem telling these asshole women to fuck off. if you are confused, or in denial after what i just said i'll make it simple. you chase them because you want to fuck them. if you satisfy yourself in the sexual arena, you'll no longer have this problem. sorry for being direct.