Reader Submission #1

I haven't spellchecked this or even named this post, but this was in my mailbox this morning (11/27/11) so I'm throwing it up here:

I'm not entirely sure whether you have recently updated your blog or not but I thought I'd give you a crazy ex-girlfriend story. I think it's probably a slight step down from the insanity in some of your stories, but nonetheless:

When I was 16, I met a girl swinging on a swing popping a pill and drinking bourbon. Naturally I was curious as I hadn't encountered too many girls my age taking drugs and what not. Anywho so I asked her to clarify what she was taking and she tried to deny it with a sneaky grin on her face. Fast forward several months and I've found out that she enjoys playing computer games, we share the same humour -- whatever. We're two weeks into a relationship together when I start to realise I honestly didn't find her attractive and when I kissed her it made me feel like vomiting. This being my first 'relationship' I tried to tell her that I was simply to overwhelmed with course work at school but there was still a chance for us to get back together. Only a chance, it was my weak way of letting her down easy. Instead we developed a friendship and became fuck buddies for a while until I finally met a girl that gave me butteflies in my stomach. The year was 2011 and I had just been introduced to this amazing girl through a friend of a friend. We talked incessantly over messengers and what not, and when I found out she was moving to my city I decided to call off friends with benefits a week before her arrival.

Just before I told her, my house was subjected to flooding and we lost everything so I had to stay with a friend for a couple of days. I chose my ex-girlfriend because I felt we had grown fairly close and to get some last time action ( without kissing of course). I spent only one night at her place and the next morning I decided to bail and live with the rest of the family with my cousins as we had just been through a catastrophe, so I mentioned it to her that morning. I told her that I had 'found a girl, I'm extremely interested in dating and so I'm calling off friends with benefits' to which she responded ' you can't just call it off. what!'. Despite the fact I had laid down the rule we can call it off whenever because we were simply just friends having some fun, she didn't take it too well. In my ignorance I continued treating her as a friend until I started going out this amazing girl.

Being the young and totally inexperienced relationship man I am ( 19 years old), at some point I thought it would be a good idea to let me ex-gf meet this amazing girl I had dropped her for. So they originally met when some mates and I went clubbing and ironically enough they hit it off they really enjoyed each others company and exchange phone numbers. I don't entirely remember this event with pristine detail, but simply my ex-gf had talked shit to my current gf about our intimacy woven with some other lies and she tried to tell me that my current gf was lying to which i said I don't care about this girl drama I just wasn't okay with it.

Fast forward a few months nearing the end of my friendship with my ex-gf. She tells me she's been receiving texts from people with a running motif of 'stay away from my girlfriends boyfriend' or whatever. Naturally, I don't appreciate this invasion or privacy / security so I put on my detective goggles and tried to work out what was happening. For the record, I never saw of these text messages, i simply trusted who I thought was a friend. My ex-gf then starts to tell me she's receiving abuse texts and phone messages from my GIRLFRIEND and lots of various numbers. So after reading the ridiculous stupid text my girlfriend had allegedly sent which said 'hahahhaahahah yoUr pAthetiC you chased him for so long and could never get him.' I decided to ask her whether anything of the sorts had been sent. My girlfriend started crying over the phone telling me she would never send any of the junk, ( it wasn't even her usual texting style ) and that she had removed my ex-gf's number after that conflict a couple months ago.

Anywho, the plot thickens when I tell my ex that she's full of shit. The following week she records a bunch of numbers including my girlfriends number, (during the situation I forgot they had exchanged numbers a couple of months ago) and trieds to pin it on her number and tells me she's rung the phone companies and that she has a message log of her phone saying that a message was received by my girlfriends number to her. Ironically when my girlfriend and I fight about it and I'm becoming increasingly suspcious and internally conflicted as I don't know who to trust, my girlfriend pays money to have her entire message transcript sent out to her. The official document I saw it had no record of any other texts besides her good night text to me that night. So relieved, I tell the ex that it must've been a mistake or something because there was nothing recorded on her transcript. The following few days, my ex tells me that she has signed documents from the phone companies saying the recording towers were down for 30 minutes during the exact time the stupid 'girl drama' message was sent. AT this same point we talk on the phone and she asks me DURING THE MIDDLE OF THIS SITUATION whether there was still any chance of her and I getting back together. I kind of just laughed and said no sorry there was never really any chance we're only friends. Apparently she's been too cold to ever cry but I made her cry during that phone call.

The final stretch of my ex-gf episode was following the recording tower losses. She tells me she went to the POLICE and that she has obtained message transcripts of my girlfriend and the people she's apparently colluding with to ORGANISE HARASSMENT of my ex-girlfriend. I probably should have mentioned that everytime she reportedly received the message banks and abusive texts at 2-3am in the morning and they went off every day. Funnily enough she could never turn her phone off or get a new number because she was the emergency next of kin to her mother. Sorry that was sort of a major psycho segment I forgot.

At this point I'm divided, I've put up a long fight against my ex to protect my girlfriend because there has never been any official evidence simply just her word, while my girlfriend has stood by me with documents and reporting everything that's going on to me. So I decided it was time to end this shit, so I grabbed my best friend and we drove out to my ex-girlfriends place who lives on the other side of the city. A few of the reasons I decided to see the transcript was because she told me it was literally just a whole bunch of intimate details about her and shit like that. It had evidence of my girlfriend texting a vast amount of messages to 4 other people ( in a big group conversation) abusing me with names and attacking my sexuality too.

So we read these alleged transcripts. Sure they looked authentic but the couple pages of transcript that she had apparently 'taken' from the police because she was planning on pushing charges on my girlfriend for defamation resembled nothing of what she had said. I should probably clear up why she didn't have the whole transcript. Apparently the police gave her the transcript because she wasn't going to press charges and she went to 3 different police stations until someone realised that it was illegal for her to them as it's a blatantly obvious a privacy issue and she now planning on pressing charges. The transcripts themselves had literally NOTHING on them about my ex-girlfriend, in fact it had a compliment saying how she was the only one to pick up on my girlfriends scheme where she was trying to extort me. It contained thorough intimate details of my sex-life including a few descriptions that had never happened. Remember this transcript was apparently between my girlfriend and FOUR OTHER PEOPLE . There were grains of truth sprinkled throughout the transcript but all names were striked through / removed and it was never really clear who was saying what. After I had taken this transcript I was really upset and angry. I felt immensely insecure and simply had no idea what to believe anymore. The only aspect of the message transcript that really stood out to me was the use of the word 'bruv' apparently by my girlfriends number. Bruv refers to a good friend of hers and mine who is a guy called brett. It had falsely read that I liked to be fingered up the ass. The statement on the transcript asked one of the group numbers whether 'bruv' had ever asked for it. My mate brett has a great girlfriend called katie. In my distraught state I decided to call up katie who is a good friend of mine and ask her seriously but causally whether simone has ever said anything about me, because ( I lied) some people at the institution they were going too were spreading rumours. She exclaimed no.

I decided immediately after the transcript that I'd explain everything I had read to my girlfriend. Which I did, ending in a long several hours standing outside her apartment complex with alot of tears and her asking what the hell would she extort me for, why would lie about me / reveal our intimate relations. Why would she chase me for so long for the bullshit mentioned in the transcript ( we are both high level musicians and the transcript said she needed me for her trio) which hadn't even been anywhere close to confirmation. It was a long fucked up night and we were both depressed -- me especially. I had no idea who was right and who to trust and I was emotionally and mentally exhausted. Finally, I talked to my best friends brother who is a lot older than us and said 'tell your ex we're going to the police station to sort this out and if she has anything else to say she should tell us now.'

I did exactly as he said and straight away my ex rung me saying that she 'we couldn't go to the police station because they were corrupt and they had removed all evidence of the transcripts and her claim'. That she was also worried about backlash from the police saying she could be convicted and it couldn't happen because she wanted to study law ( you can't have any criminal convictions if you want to be a practising lawyer). How she had taken the transcripts was illegal she said. I reassured her that if she was TELLING THE TRUTH then she had nothing to fear. She simply refused to let me go, so I just hung up on her pretending I had left for the police station. Literally moments later she had rung up my best friend to check whether I had left ( as we were facing each other in person) and he said he had no idea. I never left for the police station, at this point it was the last straw and I knew she was lying. So i sat around relived and exhausted for a couple hours at my friends place.

As I left my friends place, my ex-gf drove past his house ( because we are next door neighbours) and stopped right down the road as I started to cross to my home. She gets out of the car and starts walking up to me telling me I need to listen to her story. This was the last time I ever talked to her and I finally told her 'no, you have absolutely nothing to say to me, leave. Now.' I imagine I had fucking fire in my eyes as she turned tail and left. My girlfriend and I had remained in tethers throughout the situation and we are now still together although I still have lots of irrational thoughts as my ex never claimed responsibility but I realise now it was all just a bunch of bullshit. But the craziest part of all this was the text message my ex sent me a month or so after the situation in which she said: " Yo. Stop telling lies to all your friends. You don't honestly believe I made all that up do you? Your girlfriend never proved she was innocent and I've proved far beyond reasonable doubt that she is guilty. I Still have your texbook by the way. I'm going really well, I just got a job as a model and I"ve met this refreshing guy who studies law with me.'

I never replied to that text, as clearly her infatuation with me still consumed her and she was trying to grab my attention. Later over the course of the rest of the year my friends slowly let slip that she used to follow me through bars and clubs and shit and always talked about me to them and what not.

Sometimes I feel insecure about my ex-girlfriend, she never took responsibility and I will never know if there was actually any truth to the bullshit she was spouting -- frankly I don't care. I dread the day I have to act civil towards her in real life and I know I won't say much and I'm scared I"ll just start shouting at the crazy bitch about how much she pain she has caused. I'm still trying to acquire full trust with my girlfriend as it's hard for me to move on when people don't claim responsibility. But it' sgetting better and I"m trying to control the irrational thoughts that promote anxiety and upturn emotions regarding the situation. I learnt alot about what values consitute 'true friends' and that crazy people really aren't that uncommon.

Sincerely and thank you,

James G.

P.S. sorry it's so long!


Anonymous said...

That bitch is crazy!

Anonymous said...

This "story" is terrible and very poorly written. Shitty grammar and spelling aside, it's obvious that you brought on the majority of this "psycho" behavior yourself.

You knowingly got involved with a silly, pill-popping drunk chick who you proceeded to fuck even though you admit you were repulsed by her. Seriously, dude? Are you that fucking horny? I could actually excuse that lapse in judgment but then you go and introduce pill-popping-chick-you-used-to-bang to your new amazing girlfriend. Again, seriously dude? How did you think that was even close to a good idea?

The kicker to all this is that you're actually surprised, nay shocked, that this obvious mental mess of a chick starts acting psycho. That is so sad that it's almost funny. Almost.

Newsflash dipshits: there's rarely such a thing as "easy pussy". Chicks play that fuck buddy game thinking you'll fall in love with them somewhere along the way. A stupid game but one that many foolish women play and moronic men fall for time and again in the fruitless pursuit of "easy pussy". These same moronic men then can't seem to understand why these once totally cool chicks suddenly turn psycho. Gee, I wonder why?

Sorry James G. but I don't feel sorry for you. I reserve that emotion for the real men and women who are relentlessly stalked and harassed by people to whom they've made clear they want nothing to do with. Perhaps next time you'll stop thinking with your dick and start using your actual brain. Doubtful though as you seem more interested in doing stupid shit and then crying when said shit blows up in your face.