Unsettling update

So my mother was surfing the interwebz yesterday when she was bored at work. A co-worker recommended she look up people she knows in the local county's court registry for shits and giggles. So she did.

When a mother goes to one of these sites, the first people the search is their children, so she searched me and printed the results. I came over to visit her coincedentally and she handed me the printout while saying, "I don't even want to know."

There was a traffic ticket I was punished with last year and this other infraction from seven years ago. I looked at the older infraction a little closer to discover it was a petition for 'Civil Domestic Violence' which translates to me as a restraining order. Seeing as I was never served with an order I had no idea that a) I had one on record and b) people could see that I had one on record. Now I get to spend the next few weeks or so getting this wiped clean. Awesome.



Remy said...

Isn't it illegal for them to not tell you? The police have to notify you of the accusation ASAP. That's retarded! ~kicks the dumb cunt and the cops in the teeth~

marcii said...

actually because of the fact that they didn't let you know with in weeks of the event, they cant keep it on your record. so you got lucky? She's a bitch i agree with you. we've all been in bad relationships. but i know theres some things ive done sto my exes that iw ould never do these days. people change. you never know..she could be compleatly different now.

nuvasoo said...

Was her name Marcii by any chance??