Well, I still had to get my stuff.

It was officially over, but I still didn’t have any of my stuff. A week or two later is when we finally decided on a a time convenient for both of us. We did this all through text messages between me and the 'new guy' of course. Me and the ex had no desire to talk to each other.

I showed up with my 14 year old brother and my step-dad to collect my things. I had to get my waterbed, my dresser, my kitchen table, a TV, and some other stuff. I’d be damned if I let her keep any of my shit.

I get there and I can feel my heart beating at an insane rate. My hands were numb and my vision was getting blurry. I was subconsciously ready to fight someone. Anyone. I had my brother know on the door so I wouldn't have a knee-jerk reaction and hit the first face that peered from behind the door. When the door opened, all those feelings went away.

The ‘new guy’ answered my brother's knocks with a nervous smile. He was this Jon B./Maroon 5 looking ass who was actually a nice guy. It's a little hard for me to hit a nice guy. That, and the ex’s two, junior high aged brothers were there along with their mother. This startled me because in 5 years of knowing her this was the first time I’ve ever met her birth mother (she was a foster child). The ex opted to stay in the kitchen making me look like some kind of abusive monster in front of her family. That would have been the smart thing to do except that I’ve never, and would never, hit her no matter how much she she deserved it.

Her brothers helped me collect my things that were already in the center of the living room ready to go. I go into the bedroom to find the waterbed taken apart already, but the mattress was still full of water. How they did that, I'll never know. I just looked at it and smiled. There was no way I was taking the bed that may or may not have been ‘tainted’ by Maroon 5-guy. I really didn’t feel a need to tell anyone this either. “Yeah, we’ll come back with a pump for this bed.” I may have been childish, but it made me happy.

We loaded everything we could into my step dad’s van which left the dresser for a second trip. I went back upstairs to make sure I had everything and to say my peace. It was a short, ‘what could have been’ speech that probably made me look like this great, mythical boyfriend or just some emo bastard. Whatever. I told them I’d be back for the big stuff.

When I walked downstairs to my pile of things on the curb, I found a little basket filled with every note/letter I’ve ever written to her on top of the dresser. After seeing this, I looked at my step-dad and told him I was not coming back. “They can deal with the stuff on the curb (the dresser was a cheap one) and they can deal with that big bag of water in the bedroom. I refuse to come back here ever again.”

The ex sent me a text the next day asking if I was coming back to collect the rest of my stuff. I responded:

No, I don’t want it. Don’t ever contact me again.

And she didn't.


Remy said...

It looks like it's been a harsh ride for you. ♥

Anonymous said...

Dang! I wish you would've told her you intended to get the rest of your things... soon. This would've forced her and her new Maroon 5/Rebound dude (poor guy) to have to still look at your stuff and be reminded of you indefinitely, lol! And you know she would've never parted with it, keeping you still in her back pocket in the event of an emrgency - she could perhaps get you back... sheesh! I better read further.

Well, you did better than what I did, which was equally effective, however. (You'll see when you review the comments before posting them)

Anonymous said...

Wow,Ive just spent the past hour reading your stories,I get the impression you really liked this girl and she completely fucked with your head..

Ive had a similar experience at the same age and as im sure many others have to so i empathise with you.

Fuck that bitch man

Much love

Kaitie Karns said...

I recently started writing a short series called "ideas of the crazy ex-girlfriend" and one of my friends told me to check this page out... i'm so glad i did. this is nuts.

Anonymous said...

I have been through a VERY similar experience, honestly I have never heard of someone with as tell tale story as mine. Haha you seem like a VERY good guy and that chick will get karma, and with any luck you can watch it unfold