I was dumped. Me.

Getting dumped is like a blindside sack.

You take the snap, feeling good about how the game is going. You drop back, liking how the play is unfolding. Your options are open, your protection is good, and everything is great. Then BOOM!, you’re on your back. You never saw it coming. (sorry, watching Monday Night Football right now).

I was at work when I got sacked. I got the text message that will forever be burned in my brain:

I’m not happy anymore.
That message was the beginning of the weirdest 25 days of my life. I asked her why she wasn't happy. She had no real answer. We ended up having a fight over it that night. Then my honesty turned a bad situation worse, which often often does. I happened to tell her that sometimes I fell that I was taking advantage of her. That was bad. After the customary crying on her part, I offer to sleep in the spare bedroom. She laughs and insists on me not sleeping there at all. Something about needing ‘space’ or something. Whatever.

I was homeless.

We still saw each other every few days and we still had sex a few times. I saw her more often when her car was stolen and she needed me. Ironic.

I was being used.

She was very cold one day and warm the next. It was like some bi-polar condition that switched every 22.5 hours. She had turned into this small volcano of indecisiveness that erupted at random, unexpected intervals. First, the kicking me out was supposed to be for a few days, then it became day-to-day. Second, we ‘were not breaking up’, then she was ‘beginning to hate me’. It was all funny, but it wasn’t.

I was her emotional punching bag.

I'm not a pussy by any means, but I was a gaping vagina that month. Yes, gaping. It all would have been better if I had known what was up and not been teased into thinking it would get better. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

hahah I hear ya buddy, sounds like exactly what happened to me except I go to college and she lives at home near-by campus.. Then she accused me of "stalking" her when I showed up at the library when she was working.. WTF?.. fuck psycho bitches man.

Remy said...

Smooooth. I went through a similar situation where I moved from a stable situation to move in with my boyfriend and it lasted all of three months before he decided randomly that we were breaking up and that I needed to find a new place to live. Without any warning. Blindsided straight to the face. Didn't even see it coming. He begged me to move in and then that. ~tisks~ Waste of my time.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. Similar thing happened to me. My ex g/f started acting different and really cold after some time. It was obvious. I'd try talking about it, but she avoided talking. I told her I wasn't going to hang around if she didn't tell me why she kept acting differently. She told me that she was at a stage where she didn't want a b/f. We both ended the relationship then and there. I thought I'd feel depressed, but I felt great and at peace the day after, such was the crap I had to deal with in the months leading up to the break-up. Then, she texted me a few times and just seemed really angry at me for moving on so easily and not talking to her. It's funny. She was the first to 'want out' of the relationship, and perhaps thought I'd cry like a pussy about it for ages, but she just couldn't accept that I was much happier without her. Avoid psycho women with issues and low self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

dude. this girl is so much like my ex. i wanted to put her story out there also, but its just to much to type. one time she tried to kill herself in my car while i was at work. that was after we broke up. fuck bitches for real.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Well. My (ex)bf dumped me for a girl he knew I hated him hanging out, feeling like there was something there.. We were in love, and he even said like a few days before it that he wanted to marry me and loved me more than anything, but now I see he had lied to me for ages about his feelings for me and her. I loved him heaps and was really upset about it, he was my first love. He dumped me saying it was the fights (which were honestly mostly about her) and he lied to me me for a couple of months after that when I asked if there was another girl. He dumped me on our 14month anniversary, and dared to cry to me on the phone, and say that he'd "always love me" knowing that the very next day he was going to invite her over and ask her out and make out with him. I found out this by making a fake Facebook account and asking her & him questions, and finally by hacking her account. Yeah, I know thats bad. I admitted to it and apologised, but honestly don't feel extremely bad about it. I guess I have low self esteem issues and used to cut myself too but he helped me stop that. Am I a psycho bitch ex-gf? Would you feel sorry for any guy that goes out with me?

Webmaster said...

To the last comment: Judging by the fact you had a 14 month anniversary, you are/were probably high school or college age. Going on that, I'd say young guys are stupid and young girls are naive. Even though it hurts (it does for everyone), you realize it's not that serious, you learn from it, and you move on. Everything gets better with age. Promise. And no, I don't feel bad for your future b/f's

Anonymous said...

This girl I met...
She was perfect. She was pretty. She can hold her drink. Had a job and went to school. She didn't fall for the usual 'frat boys' every girl throw themselves at. Then one day she comes to my dorm and tells me to get dressed and that she was tired of waiting for me to ask her out. She was PERFECT and different.

After that first week, she drove me insane. She would be nice and cool one day and completely psychic the next. I couldn't keep up with her. I was emotionally drained. Every time we went out I increased my chances of dying. I always got into accidents and bad things just always followed when she was around. She was a bad luck. Not to mention extremely clumsy. She was so crazy and mental that I began falling for her so hard. I was whipped and it is sad.

I told her that I was in love with her and wanted to be exclusive. She was so excited and happy and went back to being cool and calm. Then she got to study medicine abroad in england. We ended it and she went insane. She called all the times and cried and hit me and tried to kill me a couple of times.

When she left I thought I would be happier with out her craziness and psychotic behavior. But I wasn't. I missed her so much and realized that this crazy nut job was the one for me. When she came back I proposed and she said yes.

She is still crazy but I love it. We've been Married for 10 years now and I want to kill myself everyday because she drives me insane. But I know when it comes down to it I can never be with out her.

The sex was amazing by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Why the past tense, aren't you two still together? ♥