I lost more friends this way.

My ex had this nasty anger/jealous streak that could not be matched. She would turn it on for a few minutes and then turn it off like nothing happened. It was scary. Here’s an example:

We stopped by Safeway to pick up a few things before heading to her place. It was an average shopping day for us. We usually had a little fun doing whatever we did and that day was no different.

As I began to unload our stuff on the conveyor belt at the cashier, I felt a little tickle at my hips. I chuckled (because men don't giggle) and turned around to see a girl I knew from high school the year before. I shared a class with her at one time (she did a few of my assignments) and I was friends with her older sister (who also did a few of my assignments). We exchanged smiles and hellos and she went to bag our groceries. This did not make my girlfriend happy. The opposite in fact.

I went to take out my wallet when I notice out of the corner of my eye my girlfriend going to talk to our friendly bagger. I didn’t think much of it until she grabbed her arm and dragged (well, more pulled than dragged) her away from our bags to a spot closer to the door. I saw her quietly and somewhat calmly talk to this poor girl (who was a whole 5 to 7 inches taller and 25 to 30 pounds heavier than her, by the way) for a few minutes and then rejoined me as I grabbed the bags. I went to say bye to my friend only to get a meek ‘bye’ in return as she held her head down, staring at her shoes, refusing to make any eye contact with me whatsoever.

Me- Soooo, what exactly did you say to her?
Her- (smiling)I pretty much told her to not ever touch my boyfriend like that. Ever. Again.
Me- Why would you do something like that? What is wrong with you?
Her- (still smiling)She should know better. I will hurt her. I bet she never does it again.
Me- That was rude. Now I have to apologize to her.
Her- (perma-smile) Umm, she won’t be talking to you anymore.

I never saw her again. I wouldn’t be surprised if my ex buried her somewhere close to Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earhart.

On another note, I ran across this site the other day. He knows what I'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

The one I keep referring to went nuts at a wedding in the Crowne Plaza Hotel once. Talk about losing friends? She lost about every co-worker she had as a friend in one night. It all started when she didn't want to dance and forced me to sit at a table like a freakin wallflower. So I spoke to one of the other girls at the table we were assigned to who was also sitting there. She stormed off and barricaded herself in the ladies room for a half hour. The funny thing was I knew nobody at this wedding. It was all her co-workers.

She said, "I know you wanna f*ck her! I can tell! I know men very well! I'm leaving! Find your own way home!" She forgot I had the car key and the valet card to get her car out of the parking garage.

Anonymous said...

My ex also alienated me from alot of friends, mostly females but a few males too. None of which i had ever had sex with! But she still kept delving into it all, trying to find out about afairs which simply did not happen. Old friends tried to contact me, and she would have a word with them and mysteriouly they would never try again, i still do not know what she said to them.
So many good people i innocently chatted to are now gone. Totally selfish and unfair, it has wrecked my social life, even now that i left her, it's still affecting my day to day life.

Anonymous said...

My crazy ex took my best friend away from me. I feel your pain man.

Anonymous said...

i get your point, man! That really sux!

Anonymous said...

You sound like someone who just takes no responsibility for your actions. As you get older, you will realize men and women = never "friends"

There should be no reason a woman finds it appropriate to tickle a guy that is taken.

As for losing your job - you completely skirted off that your boss told you it was because of poor performance and refused to believe that.

My guess is you were performing poorly and then the incident happened and it was the final straw.

Kicking a woman out after sex is disrespectful. I'm more shocked SHE stayed with YOU.

Anonymous said...

Umm the girl's actions were still WAY out of line. My guy had a girl making the pretty eyes and flirting with him at work (she is married, too!!) but I avoided her and talked to him to know where he stood and draw boundaries. If you show a man how to respect you from the beginning of the relationship by and maturely tell him what makes you uncomfortable he will show whether he is worthy of your time by his interaction. He said "Oh, I didn't realize," and we moved to the other side of the office. That was that. He has freedom to talk to whomever. I don't own him. Ours is a relationship based on communication. No matter what someone else does, it will not make your man love you if you threaten his friends. It makes you look possessive and juvenile. The gal in the story needs therapy.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree