Crazy Korean - Submitted March 19th, 2012

I've only heard of psycho korean girlfriends from my friends and from movies but not till I had my own experience of one not too long ago.

I moved a year ago to Korea to attend a university and study Korean. I met the psycho 4 weeks after class started at the cafeteria and found out we reside in the same housing area. 2 things annoyed the fuck outta me right off the bat. Korean girls expect you to celebrate the 1st week you dated, the 37th day you've dated, and so on. There's always an occasion. Forgetting one is a sin.

My problem started when I forgot our 100th day.

At first she gave me the silent treatment and it took me days to figure out what I've done. Her best friend told me. Things went downhill when I confronted her and called her immature. First she destroyed my (Xbox) 360. There goes 47 finished games but no biggie, my life didn't depend on it. Two days later, the bitch fished out my 16-page HANDWRITTEN essay while I chatted with a few friends in the lobby. That's when I got super pissed and complained to the top man on her but to no avail, I had no proof.

To get back at her, I started to hang out with a new girl. This is probably my biggest regret cuz it actually escalated her psychoness in a new level. She tried to bake me pastry infused with adhesive but fortunately, I was told by a friend of her's about it. The final blow was when she turned my dorm upside down. She took my clothes and spread it across campus and damaged almost all the furniture. One good thing came out of this horrible event though. She was expelled from school and banned from the dorm area. She now resides in Sokcho while I enjoyed a peaceful life in Seoul (Ed. note: and SOUL no doubt).

Norman G.

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